Ventosa filipino massage

Ventosa filipino massage(cupping)

Experience the amazing ancient Ventosa Massage in Oriental!

Ventosa Massage (also known as Bentosa Massage in the Philippines) optimizes blood circulation, helps create the feeling of well-being and general health, besides, it is the perfect solution to cure cold related illnesses.

The treatment is performed using oils, and instead of using other tools, a vacuum is created inside a cup by burning a cotton ball soaked in 50% alcohol. The burning cotton ball is placed inside the cup for a second and then the cup is placed on the skin. The air quickly warms up inside the cup and creates a vacuum that causes the skin to rise.

Blood vessels expand on the affected part of the skin and new blood production begins, the internal and blood vessel pressure decreases which results in the balancing of blood pH.

The heat and the suction pump used during the therapy are able to unblock the meridians and to eliminate disorders blocking the flow of Qi.

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