Fillipino Hilot Massage

Fillipino Hilot Massage

Enjoy the tranquility of the Philippines with this magical, ancient therapy!

Hilot Massage is a traditional massage that has a nearly 3,000 years old history. It refreshes and revitalizes the tired body and mind.

The expression “hilot" is originated from the word “manghihilot", a term used in the Philippines for a person who heals. Hilot Massage is the practice of art of healing that helps create harmonious and balanced health for the body and the soul using thousands years of intuition and knowledge.

During the Hilot Massage, the massage therapist intuitively checks the body to find energetically problematic areas and to heal them on deep tissue level while you are resting, relaxing and get refresh.

What benefits does Hilot Massage have?

  • balanced body and mind
  • harmony
  • relaxed muscles
  • stress-free life
  • better circulation

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